Justyna Ryś

Paediatric physiotherapist –
MEDEK & NDT Bobath


I am a children’s physiotherapist specializing in the following therapy methods:

– The MEDEK Therapy (Dynamic Method for Kinetic Stimulation)

– The NDT Bobath (Neuro-Developmental Treatment Bobath)

I graduated from the Universities of Physical Education in Wrocław and Poznań. As a student. I started working as a junior physiotherapy assistant in the Puchatek Cerebral Palsy Centre in Wrocław. After graduation, I went on to work as a children’s physiotherapist in the Early Intervention Centre of the Polish Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability in Gorzów Wielkopolski. Currently I specialise in children’s rehabilitation and physiotherapy in the Rehabilitation Centre of the Promyk Słońca (Ray of Hope) Foundation in Wrocław as well as in my private office Reharys.pl.

Certificates and references