Ada Paciorek

Paediatric physiotherapist –
NDT Bobath

I am a physiotherapist who specialises in rehabilitation of children and newborns. I have graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw with a Master’s degree in physiotherapy.

I have started gaining actual experience in working with young children and newborns even before graduation, during my internship at the Day Care Unit for Developmental Disorders at Reha-Medica – a specialist rehabilitation clinic for children in Wołomin. After graduation, I have started working at the Centre of Physiotherapy and Personal Training FizjoSportMed in Wrocław, and at the Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Centre Promyk Słońca (Ray of Hope) in Wrocław as a NDT-Bobath therapist. I have further increased my experience while working with newborns and premature babies at the Neonatology Clinic of the Wrocław University Hospital.

Currently, I work at the Diagnostics and Rehabilitation Centre Promyk Słońca (Ray of Hope) and at the Physiotherapy clinic

I am also a sport instructor. I also make use of the experience I have gained during my lessons of acrobatics and gymnastics for children (Evolution Academy) when working with older children.

My courses and qualifications:

  • Neurophysiological Approach – NDT-Bobath Baby
  • Neurophysiological Approach – NDT-Bobath
  • Sensory Integration Level 1
  • Workshops with Chiara Mastella – working with children with SMA1 and SMA2
  • Kinesiotaping KT1 + KT2
  • Shantala Massage
  • Sherborne Developmental Movement method, Level 1
  • Sport Instructor